Welcome to our Website

We are Rob & Lorna Hylands and this is our website. We could live anywhere in the real world but in cyber space this is where we are. As we currently live above the pub we run, you could say that right now this website is the virtual flat above the virtual Foresters Arms. 


We live above and run the Foresters Arms, which is a traditional local community pub in the heart of Gosport. We have between us 6 children who are all grown up and have children of their own, which makes Christmas very expensive. 

Lorna is the boss, she's in charge around here and no one argues with her. Except Toulla and Teddy that is. Toulla is our little long haired Chihuahua who is the one that really rules the roost around here and Teddy is a Jack Russel cross Chihuahua puppy whose only job is to annoy Toulla.

I am currently a local councillor and have been the councillor for Brockhurst ward since 2009. Before we took over the pub, I worked in computer games. I'm an old school programmer from the 80s, I love programming and have been using this web site as a way to keep my hand in, programming in PHP, JavaScript and JQuery.

When COVID-19 has come along and closed the pub, I have had a little bit more time to play with the website. Now that the pub is back open, I am still working to update the website. The website was a bit static and not very pretty, so I am currently working to make it prettier, more responsive, dynamic and to integrate it with social media. 

There are pages on here for the Foresters Arms, Gosport Mens Darts and Gosport Mixed Darts Leagues and quite a few other little bits and pieces. 

Please feel free to explore the website and see what we're up to and, if you are in Gosport, why not pop in and see us.