Welcome to Hylands House.

Hylands House is, as you might expect, where ever we live. That could be anywhere in the real world but in cyber space this is where it is.

Meet the Family

We live in and run the Foresters Arms in Gosport, a traditional local community pub in the heart of Gosport. We are just a short distance from Anns Hill Cemetery, which is jokingly said to be in the dead centre of the town. As well as running the pub we have, between us, 6 children and 14 grandchildren and as you may have guessed from all that, we are pretty busy people.

Lorna keeps the homefires burning, so to speak, she runs the house and no one argues with her. She is number one, after Toula and Winnie that is. Toula is our little long haired Chihuahua who is the one that really rules the roost around here and Winnie is a Jack Russel cross Chihuahua puppy whose only job is to annoy Toulla.

Rob, when he isn't taking Toula for a walk, runs The Foresters Arms. He is also a local councillor, serving Brockhurst ward on Gosport Borough Council since 2009.

Please feel free to explore the domain and see what is going on and, if you are in Gosport, why not pop in and see us.


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