Gosport Mens Dart League

In recent weeks it has been asked when the GMDL will restart. No doubt some players have seen on social media of competitions being planned and played in other areas. I would expect that the competitions have restricted numbers and are played on several boards in a large open space. Something that all pubs do not have for team matches..

We the GMDL cannot tell a landlord or lady when they can start to host matches, they will have to be ready.

Additionally with the latest restrictions of only groups of up to six from two households to meet together it will be difficult again to start playing.

As restrictions change the committee will meet to discuss a way ahead and what to do with the completion of last winters season, which only has a few matches left.

Updates will follow as restrictions change.
GMDL Update:

In the current climate we are in, the resuming of the league is probably far from some players minds at the moment due to circumstances beyond their control and having more important personal and family issues to deal with. Others may want it to start asap, but it is the consideration of all players and venues situations that has to taken into account when the decisions are made.

Although the pubs/clubs may be opening from 4th July there is currently no planned date to resume the GMDL Winter season at present.
When restrictions become clearer several aspects will have to be taken into account:

Sadly, which venues will still be available
What restrictions are needed to host a match
Which teams still have enough players
Which venues cannot hold more than one match maybe due to restrictions in dartboard access
And maybe some more
Until these questions are answered the season will not be able to recommence

One thing confirmed is that the Summer Season 2020 will no longer take place.

Looking to the future, the way matches are played and hosted may change, this in addition to actual teams available to play may also have an affect on the format of the league and how it moves forward.

As more information becomes available updates will be posted

With the new season starting tomorrow, here is a recap of changes VOTED for by those present at the AGM:
The online rules will be amended in due course.

1. Walkovers will now be set at a 7-2 win.

2. Any player refusing to play despite being present and without good reason will be awarded a yellow card for unsportsmanlike behaviour

3. Players are to ensure that they are sufficient distance away from the throwing player , also sportsmanlike behavior.

4. Some teams are struggling to complete their match on time. Therefore it is important that all matches start on time unless communication between the two captains has agreed when a team will arrive. Matches are now advised to start before 8:45pm and not 9pm ( common sense must prevail between the captains)

A Reminder:
All results are to be in no later than the Wednesday after the game. We have a number ways of getting these results in.

1. Use the website and report the result via the match report link in the fixtures
2. E-mail (you have Rob and Jeffs on the website contacts)
3. Text ( Jeff 07427684969).
4. Drop the result sheet in to pub.

All score cards to be handed into the Foresters Arms by no later than midday the following Monday. It is the responsibility of the winning Captain to ensure this takes place. It will be the winning team who would lose the points as the match will become void, so it is in your own interest.

Any team that cannot fulfill there fixture MUST contact the opposing pub no later than 20:15 on the night of the game.
If the game is cancelled after this time the team that cancels must pay the opposing pub £10 to cover the cost of the food they would have prepared.

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