Gosport Mens Dart League


The winter 2021 2022 season fixtures are now on the website.

The following has been agreed in respect to the unfinished Winter 2019/2020 season.

The season has been made void with the following caveats. The Threes, Triples and Pairs competitions that were completed will still have the respective winners and runners up trophies given and the perpetual trophies engraved.

The two unplayed cup finals will have the respective perpetual trophies engraved with both finalists. No trophies will be given.

Finally, can all players Captains and Venues return ALL perpetual trophies irrelevant of what season they were for.
We need to take stock of what we have. We will chase up those who have trophies if they do not return them


GMDL and moving Forward:
The committee has been discussing how to get the GMDL running again when all the restrictions are finally lifted. This will include venues and players being comfortable to host or take part in the darts league.

Being discussed is a possible winter season start with multiple competitions being planned at different venues to allow players to get back together.
Possibly having competitions for lower league players only , thus allowing them the chance to play as well as those for higher league players.

The past 16 months has been difficult for all, we probably all know someone who was affected by the pandemic. Thoughts go out to all those affected from GMDL.

Hopefully we can move forward and try to get some normality on a Monday night.

Looking to the future, the way matches are played and hosted may change, this in addition to actual teams available to play may also have an affect on the format of the league and how it moves forward.

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