Gosport Mens Dart League

A great turnout for the coveted Webb/Lowther Trophy with 42 entries
This year’s format was best of 5 double in and out 301 which did produce some interesting games.
Despite being a double in start there were many starts of 100 or more and a few games where some players did not even start the leg.
A special mention to R Norster for his 170 shot out.
Losing semi finalists were C Edgar and M Wood with the final between S West and S Jannaway, the latter having beaten last year’s winner F Owen in an earlier round.
The final went the full five legs and in every leg except one both players hit a double to start in their first 3 darts. Starts were over 100 in most legs.
S West had a chance to go one up but missed a double, he then won the next leg to level the match. S Jannaway then won the third leg to go within one leg of the trophy, he did not hit a double his first throw in the fourth leg and S West capitalised with a 112 start and won the leg to level the match.
In the deciding leg both players started first throw and with S Jannaway throwing first he had the advantage, which he maintained and won the match and the trophy 3-2.

The Summer 2015 fixtures are posted on the website,teams are reminded that there are only six teams per division so you may be in a different division to last summer season.
Last night the finals of the Presidents Cup and Knight Kimber trophy were played.
In the first semi final of the Presidents The Foresters Lounge beat The Fareham 5-0, the second semi final was a closely fought match with The Carisbrooke beating The queens Head 5-3.
The Final between The Foresters Lounge and The Carisbrooke was won by The Foresters Lounge 5-0 with a very high standard of scoring throughout and missed doubles being very costly.

The Knight Kimber Trophy was won by The Foresters Arms 5-4 against The Market House B, reports were that it was a good night all-round.

The Summer AGM and Season registration took part last night with a good turn out.
Decisions made will be promulgated soon

To allow the new committee member for trophies to audit all trophies held by the GMDL, ALL perpetual trophies are to be returned to Foresters Arms.
Trophies won in Summer 2014 will be returned once audited

Div 1: Carisbrooke
Div 2: New Inn
Div 3: Hoeford
Div 4: RAFA
Div 5: Glencoe/Hoeford/M House A Summer 13
Div 6: M House sea Summer 13
Cup: Foresters L
Singles: A Wright
Pairs: M Symes and N Pateman

Div 1: Carisbrooke
Div 2: M House B
Div 3: G Dragon B
Div 4: Nelsons
Div 5: Nelsons 2012 - 13
Presidents Cup: Foresters L
Knight Kimber Cup: Cuckoo Pint
Singles: S Jannaway
Pairs: C Edgar and I Harty
Threes: A Wright, I Harty, S Jannaway
Triples: F Owen, J Poole, W France
Webb Lowther: F Owen

A Reminder:
All results are to be in no later than the Wednesday after the game. We have a number ways of getting these results in.

1. Use the website and report the result via the match report link in the fixtures
2. E-mail (you have Rob and Jeffs on the website contacts)
3. Text ( Jeff 07427684969).
4. Drop the result sheet in to pub.

All score cards to be handed into the Foresters Arms by no later than midday the following Monday. It is the responsibility of the winning Captain to ensure this takes place. It will be the winning team who would lose the points as the match will become void, so it is in your own interest.

Any team that cannot fulfill there fixture MUST contact the opposing pub no later than 20:15 on the night of the game.
If the game is cancelled after this time the team that cancels must pay the opposing pub £10 to cover the cost of the food they would have prepared.

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