Gosport Mens Dart League

The matches planned for Monday 18th June do clash with the England game, but it is an early kick off and will finish before the regulation match start time.
However it is excepted that some venues may have difficulty playing their matches on the night. Matches can be rearranged or fixture venue reversed, only if possible. Early notification and agreement by both teams is required. Notification to the league would also be required

The GMDL Winter season presentation will take place at The Queens Club on Saturday 30th June.
Any players or teams collecting trophies are to attend to collect their trophy or have a representative on their behalf.
More information to follow

In pairs matches the players are to always follow each other, for example if player 1 of a pair hits a winning double, in the next leg it is player 2 who is to throw first, (AGM Summer 2018)
This also applies to the triples competition in the winter season.

Players can now be entered on a match sheet as reserves (Download from this website), but only if they are in attendance. This will count towards the eligibility to play in the competitions that season.

The Presidents Cup and Knight Kimber Trophy were played for last night, two semi finals and a final in both.

The presidents cup had the top four from division one playing and that was evident by the standard on the night, numerous quick legs, high scores and shot outs. The final was between Queens Club and The Duke Of Connaught and a very close match it turned out to be. The DoC took the first game, but the match was even at 3-3. The then moved into a 4-3 lead with S Phipps beating R Williams. This set up P Winter to win his match against P Sharp and claim the cup.

The Knight Kimber was won by The RAFA Dambusters who beat Foresters Arms 5-1 in the final. A mention for the WPM from Div 4 only losing 5-3 to Div 1 Dambusters and also for The Foresters Arms Div 2 beating RAFA Spitfires Div 1 5-4 in their respective semi finals

Well done both teams and thank you to the venues for hosting.

The summer season fixtures are published. We will have 28 teams, this which means we will have seven per division, therefore it will not be a straight forward two down and two up from summer 2017.

Winter Presentation night is still awaiting confirmation

The following is from the league rules in regards to matches starting.
6.6 One member of the team is to be present by 8.45pm, thus allowing the draw to take place.
Matches are to start at 9.00pm.
If a team is late and have not contacted the opposition to inform them of this, they will forfeit one game every 5 minutes until 9.15pm when the match will be
forfeit 9-0.
It is recommended that Division 1 matches commence earlier due to the best of 5 singles format

Common sense is also to prevail in regards to teams who have valid late reasons and have contacted the other team.

Team captains are to ensure they are aware of the rules for submitting results and result sheets.

A Reminder:
All results are to be in no later than the Wednesday after the game. We have a number ways of getting these results in.

1. Use the website and report the result via the match report link in the fixtures
2. E-mail (you have Rob and Jeffs on the website contacts)
3. Text ( Jeff 07427684969).
4. Drop the result sheet in to pub.

All score cards to be handed into the Foresters Arms by no later than midday the following Monday. It is the responsibility of the winning Captain to ensure this takes place. It will be the winning team who would lose the points as the match will become void, so it is in your own interest.

Any team that cannot fulfill there fixture MUST contact the opposing pub no later than 20:15 on the night of the game.
If the game is cancelled after this time the team that cancels must pay the opposing pub £10 to cover the cost of the food they would have prepared.

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