Gosport Mens Dart League

The draw for the cup league format has been done by
M Cadwallader and will be posted soon.

Div 1 and 2 teams are reminded to enter their respective singles game scores on the result sheet for the singles table for each league

Delayed report for the singles and cup final night.

Another great turn out for the singles, 55 players with some cracking early round games. The final 8 were K Wilkins, L Evans, S West, J Bradshaw, R Pack, N Pateman, W France and R Kirby. The two semi finals were L Evans Vs S West and W France Vs N Pateman. This left a final of
W France Vs S West in which Wayne powered through 4-0 to win the trophy.

The cup outsiders The RAFA reached the final against The Carisbrooke A and ran them very close to a slim 5-4 win for the Carisbrooke.

The Final Achievement tables are updated

DIV 5 IMPORTANT - Clarence B has folded all games involving Clarence B are now BYES, please make sure that everyone knows including your venue.

The Div 1 singles will be played at The Foresters Arms on Oct 17 starting at 1pm, all players in the top 22(6 standbys) are to contact Ryan Barrett to confirm if they can make the date.
The Div 2 singles will be played at The Queens Club on Oct 17 starting at 1pm, all players in the top 22(6 standbys) are to contact Chris Pyle to confirm if they can make the date.

URGENT - Summer League Trophies

Could all teams that have Summer League Trophies from last Summer please return them to The Foresters Arms.

Div 2 Teams - Please Note

We have been informed that the the Green Dragon B team have disbanded. As they have not played a game yet, we have made removed all of their fixtures and made them BYEs.

The Div 1 and Div 2 singles tables are now completed. Achievements will be updated before the presentation.

The Div 2 table is now complete after the re arranged match on Monday.

The Fixtures for Div 5 have been rejigged as the old Green Dragon A are now the RAFA Spitfires and they have a new team called the RAFA Victory Bombers.
Could all Div 5 teams please make sure they have checked their fixtures.

Team captains are to ensure they are aware of the rules for submitting results and result sheets.

A Reminder:
All results are to be in no later than the Wednesday after the game. We have a number ways of getting these results in.

1. Use the website and report the result via the match report link in the fixtures
2. E-mail (you have Rob and Jeffs on the website contacts)
3. Text ( Jeff 07427684969).
4. Drop the result sheet in to pub.

All score cards to be handed into the Foresters Arms by no later than midday the following Monday. It is the responsibility of the winning Captain to ensure this takes place. It will be the winning team who would lose the points as the match will become void, so it is in your own interest.

Any team that cannot fulfill there fixture MUST contact the opposing pub no later than 20:15 on the night of the game.
If the game is cancelled after this time the team that cancels must pay the opposing pub £10 to cover the cost of the food they would have prepared.

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