Gosport Mens Dart League

Regretfully the committee have decided in the interest of players within the GMDL that the current winter season is now suspended.

We have already had matches this evening cancelled.

The action has not been taken lightly and discussion has taken place,
We will not be the first league to take this decision.

We are not stopping anyone going to the pub or club but we cannot pressure teams to attend if they have vulnerable team members.

The league will be reassessed when the current situation is clearer. It may result in the winter season being completed and a late shorter format for the summer.

Watch this space for updates
Last night was the GMDL pairs at The Carisbrooke with 25 teams taking part, two more than last winter. There was also plenty of support.
Some tough games throughout the night as expected with losing quarter finalists of T Moore P Winter, R Livingstone S Phipps, P Harty M Symes and G Rosher M Pollard.

Semil finals were between P Smith K Wilkins Vs L Chappell J Robinson and D Barr S Roberts Vs P Sharp K Woodward.

The final was between Shippy and Kev against Leigh and Jeff.
The first leg went to Shippy and Kev with the next to Leigh and Jeff. The next two legs both teams had doubles chances but Shippy and Kev took a 3-1 lead in what was a high scoring match.
Leg five and Leigh and Jeff came back against the darts to 2-3 only for Shippy to hit a 180 in the sixth leg and despite Leigh and Jeff being on a two darter it was Shippy who hit the winning match double and retain the winter pairs trophy.

Thanks to Maxine, Paul and Jeff for running the night and The Carisbrooke for hosting Tina and Darren

Last night was the Triples competition at The Market House, there were 57 players entered and many more watching, a good turn out.
The format was best of 3 x 1001 throughout the evening.
Losing semi finalists were The Carisbrooke Oldies and Green Dragon B. This left the final between RAFA Spitfires (M Ward, S Ward and P West) against Queens Club (M Symes, P Harty and P Sharp)
In a close first leg the Spitfires took the spoils and then had four darts to win the match in the second leg, M Ward having one dart for a 118 shot out before the Queens Club took the leg.
In the deciding leg missed doubles were crucial for both sides with the Queens Club rushing into a big lead before the Spitfires came back. Both teams had chances to win with the Queens club having nine darts to win and the spitfires a few less before S Ward hit D5 for the match.
Well done all for attending, Scouse for running it with Paul and Jeffs help and The Market House for Hosting.

Any away team can provide their own checker for the matches IAW the rule below. This would then ensure a fair representation of the scores are applied.

5.3 The home team must provide a Scorer, each score to be written down and deducted, and scoreboards to be in a prominent position. The away team should provide a checker, who is to call the score and ensure the scorer has deducted the correct total

With the new season starting tomorrow, here is a recap of changes VOTED for by those present at the AGM:
The online rules will be amended in due course.

1. Walkovers will now be set at a 7-2 win.

2. Any player refusing to play despite being present and without good reason will be awarded a yellow card for unsportsmanlike behaviour

3. Players are to ensure that they are sufficient distance away from the throwing player , also sportsmanlike behavior.

4. Some teams are struggling to complete their match on time. Therefore it is important that all matches start on time unless communication between the two captains has agreed when a team will arrive. Matches are now advised to start before 8:45pm and not 9pm ( common sense must prevail between the captains)

A Reminder:
All results are to be in no later than the Wednesday after the game. We have a number ways of getting these results in.

1. Use the website and report the result via the match report link in the fixtures
2. E-mail (you have Rob and Jeffs on the website contacts)
3. Text ( Jeff 07427684969).
4. Drop the result sheet in to pub.

All score cards to be handed into the Foresters Arms by no later than midday the following Monday. It is the responsibility of the winning Captain to ensure this takes place. It will be the winning team who would lose the points as the match will become void, so it is in your own interest.

Any team that cannot fulfill there fixture MUST contact the opposing pub no later than 20:15 on the night of the game.
If the game is cancelled after this time the team that cancels must pay the opposing pub £10 to cover the cost of the food they would have prepared.

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