Gosport Mixed League

- Individuals

Sun 7th Feb 2010

The Mens and Ladies Individuals were held at The Carisbrooke Arms on 7th Feb 2010 at 7:30pm.

The overall winners were Steph Smee and Matt Richards.

The Ladies final was between Maxine Cadwallader and Steph Smee.

Maxine Cadwallader beat Abbie Harrington, Sarah Heron and Steph Russell to reach the final. Steph Smee beat Pennie Lewis, Patsy Bowell and Jean Lloyd to reach final, where she beat Maxine Cadwallader 3-2.

The Mens final was between Troy Butler and Matt Richards.

Troy Butler beat Barry Stafford, Kev Wilkins, Mike Tume and Ady Wright to reach the final. Matt Richards beat Mike Symes, Justin Bradshaw, Tony Moore and Fon Owen to reach the final where he beat Troy Butler 3-2.

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