Gosport Mens Dart League

- Threes Queens Head Register by7:45pm

Mon 23rd Nov 2015

A good turnout for the Threes at the Queens Head, thanks to Fon and Becky for the venue and the food.

There were over 60 attendees with 14 teams entering. There could have been more teams but for the ruling of players can only be from the same team. This will be reviewed at the next AGM.

There was a good standard throughout the night with some tough early matches.

A mention for the Hoeford A who if they had taken their chances would have made the semi finals.

The four semi finalists were: Foresters Lounge 1 against Foresters Lounge 2, Queens Head A against the Queens Club.

The resulting finalists were K Wilkins, S West and W France for the Foresters and P Harty, P Sharp and M Wood for the Queens Club.

The singles game was P Sharp Vs K Wilkins, Kev won the first leg after Shippy missed doubles. The second leg Kev was on 100 after 9 darts including a 180 but missed doubles allowed Shippy to win the leg, he then won the final leg to put the Queens club 1-0 up.

The pairs game between S West, W France against P Harty, M Wood was very close and missed doubles proved costly. The Queens Club winning the first leg. In the second The Foresters were again on a double and Michael Wood shot out on treble 4, treble 14 and double 16 for the match and the win for the Queens Club.

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